Welcome to Tambot, a wild-child born out of utter frustration at seeing companies fail to give us what we need - tampons, delivered monthly and on time, for a reasonable price. 

We hear you loud and clear girl. You don't want to think about your period, let alone stress about your period.

Here at Tambot we've made it our mission to stick to what matters most:

Delivering affordable tampons, before you need them, while never skimping on quality.

It's simple. 

Say hello to Tambot.

How it Works: You pick, we deliver.

We offer Tambot Pearlescent, Tampax pearl,  and Tambot Non-Applicator - all FDA approved and manufactured by globally recognized companies. They do an amazing job.

You might be wondering why we only offer sizes Regular and Super.

You know that restaurant on Sunset that has a 100 things on their menu, well yea, we're not them. We're the In-N-Out of Tampon delivery. We're simple, tasteful, and stress-free.

So give it a try. We could have you covered until menopause.