Saving the world, one tampon at a time.


We know how painful your time of the month can be. But for many homeless women, it's not only painful but a monthly unhygienic struggle.

We're all for women empowering women.

So for every pack you buy, Tambot will donate tampons to the Downtown Los Angeles Women's Center.

Buy a pack, give a pack.

Tambot donates over 10,000 tampons each year with the help of girls just like you.



What’s in the pack?

Each Tambot pack includes:

  • 16 tampons (only the highest quality brands)
  • Premium organic Zenbunni chocolate - handcrafted in Venice* or other premium organic sweets
  • Assortment of calming Tazo tea
  • 5 free pantyliners

*With the heat in the summer months, we might substitute these with other treats. Either way, we've got you covered with plenty of deliciousness.

What brands do you offer?

We offer Tambot Pearlescent, Tampax pearl,  and Tambot Non-Applicator - all FDA approved and manufactured by globally recognized companies. They do an amazing job.

The Tambot mission:

To deliver affordable tampons, before you need them, while never skimping on quality.

And delivery?

All of our packs are guaranteed to be in your hands by the 1st of every month.

If you're moving, or need to change the destination of your delivery for any reason. No stress! Just shoot us an email by 5pm PST, 24th of the month. 

Unlike other services, we ship in a discreet package. This prevents awkward interactions with your mailman. 

Can I pause or cancel?


Yes, of course! 

In the spirit of being stress-free, our team is here to listen and assist 24/7.

Just shoot us an email and we'd be more than happy to help you out -

I have an awesome suggestion.

Great! Let us know about it below:

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