Yours and Only Yours

Tambot works very hard to bring you quality, cost effective products. Please don't purchase products or memberships for further distribution/resale or for any commercial or business purposes. Membership and all rights and privileges are personal and non-transferable. That aside, we do fully encourage you to tell your friends and family to sign up for their own.

What we Charge

Pricing can be found on our Sign Up page. The price that Tambot will charge will be the price as posted on our site on the date you first sign-up. Tambot reserves the right to change prices at any time and does not provide price protection or refunds in the event of promotions or price decreases.

Not a Fan?

If you are dissatisfied with the products for any reason, Tambot will refund the amount paid for your most recent month of service. Just shoot us a quick email with the subject line Refund Request. These requests can be made directly to Tambot at Refund requests must be made within fourteen (14) days of the date of shipment by Tambot. Tambot is not liable for products that are damaged or lost in transit.

Promptly following Tambot’s receipt of your request (typically within five (5) business days), Tambot will credit the amount paid for the returned product (less any shipping and handling costs/fees related to the original purchase, which are non-refundable) to the credit card you used to make the original purchase. Tambot does not have any control over your bank and/or when a specific credit card company processes a chargeback transaction. You are responsible for contacting them if you have questions about the status of the chargeback.

Tambot will not provide a refund for a request that is received more than fourteen (14) days after the date of original shipment. Tambot also does not provide a refund for returned products that are damaged due to misuse, lack of care, mishandling, accident, abuse or other abnormal use.

How you Pay

Tambot accepts credit card payments only. You agree to pay all fees charged to your account based on Tambot’s fees, charges, and billing terms as shown on the payment page. You are also responsible for paying any taxes, fees, and shipping & handling fees that may apply to your purchase of products or membership based on the address that you provide.

You authorize Tambot or the third party payment service provider (what a mouthful) that we engage to charge your credit card for any such taxes and fees. All payments shall be made by credit card in advance prior to shipping the products. If you do not pay on time or if your credit card cannot be charged for any reason, Tambot reserves the right to either suspend or terminate your account. All sales and payments will be in US$.

Tambot or the third party payment service provider (doesn't get any better does it) may receive updated credit card information from your credit card issuer. The disbursement of the updated credit card information is provided to us at the election of your credit card issuer. We are not responsible for the distribution of your credit card information.Your credit card issuer may give you the right to opt out of the update service. It is your responsibility to contact your credit card issuer with regards to your right to opt out of the update service.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CONSUMER: Tambot will automatically renew your membership on each monthly anniversary date and, as authorized by you during the membership sign-up process, will your credit card with the applicable membership fee and any taxes, fees and shipping & handling costs that may be imposed on your membership payments. Each membership renewal period is for one month. You may cancel your Membership at any time by emailing All cancellation requests must be received seven (7) days prior to your next shipment date. Cancellation requests received after this time shall take effect the following month. If you have any problems, please email Tambot requires a reasonable amount of time to process your cancellation request. If you cancel your membership, you will enjoy your membership benefits until the end of the then-current membership term, and your membership benefits will expire at the end of the then-current membership term for which you have paid. You will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the membership fees paid for any unused days of the then-current membership term.

How long will it take?

Tambot will do our best to get your shipment out as soon as possible. However, shipping dates are estimates only. All shipments are sent Priority Mail or First-Class mail via the US Postal Service (USPS). USPS estimates 3-5 days for shipping. The risk of loss and title for all products purchased pass to the customer upon delivery of the item to the carrier.

Terms of Services

Please read these. But we're warning you it might take some serious amounts of coffee - boring lawyer talk here.


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